Being a member of Lose Weight For Good has changed my life significantly.  I am following the program, losing weight, changed old habits for better ones, and have become much more physically active.  I feel great, I have better control of what I eat, and I have much more energy.
What I like most about the program is that Russ is a real person helping real people like you and me to succeed.  His program, which includes 15 sessions, is fantastic!  I love his approach to weight loss, healthy eating and exercise.  He asks you to look inward and to assess yourself, and what you want to get out of life. The program directs you to think about your beliefs, create a vision for what you want to achieve, and he helps you find your purpose.  Reflecting on these things help you set smaller goals that put you on the path to success.  If you don’t know exactly where you want, how will you ever achieve success? No other program has this approach and it works!  
In addition to the Lose Weight For Good program, the online community has been awesome!  Russ shares tips from being aware of what and how much you are eating, getting you outdoors, being active, and to finding your Zen.  The online group is a great way to allow you to be accountable for your actions by posting your successes and reaching out when you need support.  Everyone online is super positive and very supportive of each other.  You can learn so much from one another.
This program is better than any other program that I have tried in the past, this coming from a chronic yo-yo dieter.  Other programs offer you their foods and/or supplements to purchase without teaching you how to eat clean, unprocessed, and sugar-free foods. These other programs spend little time with your psyche, training your brain as to what it takes to be a healthier person for life.  Russ has perfected his program so that each person is given the tools that they need to succeed.  Once you get your mind into the game of healthy eating and living, it becomes automatic.  The program gives the message that getting better is essential to making a positive change in your life so you can achieve the goal you set out to accomplish.  I highly recommend this to anyone ready to be a healthier person and to Lose Weight For Good!
Liz Lynch, Phoenix, AZ Our members support one another.Listen to another member, Cyndi, as she thanks Liz for being her inspiration! 
Update from Liz: 
“HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO ME! It’s week 52! I started this journey a year ago at 205.5 lbs. I have to say that I was resistant to change, complained that exercising made things hurt more on my body, and I was not buying into this program at all. NOW LOOK AT ME! The breaking point was when I realized that I could not do this by myself. I thought I knew how to lose weight because I had done it so many times. This time I needed to get a “update” on “operating system.” “Betterness” was a key word that stuck in my mind and really motivated me to get this done. After a while, I got in a pretty good rhythm with eating and exercising. I just stuck to MY PLAN and it worked. This morning I am 154.8lbs. I have lost 50lbs! I began weight maintenance around December. My body fat is down to 25%. In April 2014 my body fat was 42%!!! I am very happy but still vigilant about my eating and exercise. I want more…soon I will re-evaluate my goals so that I have a new path to betterness… A HUGE THANK YOU to Russ Lhommedieu, Karen Matz, and everyone else in this group who supported me!!”liz before after



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